• Are they rugged enough to be raced in off-road events such as BAJA & DAKAR?
  • YES!

  • How fast are they?
  • Both vehicles will run over a 100mph (160kph) but the 900GS hybrid will get there much quicker.

  • What are the available storage options, front & rear?
  • Before delivery, we will post the various storage options for both the front and back.

  • Are they street legal?
  • Both vehicles are compliant with E.U. & U.S. emission standards – registration is dependent on local laws.

  • Who will do the maintenance?
  • Any certified BMW Motorrad dealer can take care of the general maintenance.

  • What is the price?
  • Go to WESLL.COM and click on the tab – RESERVE FORM

  • Extra fuel capacity & skid plates?
  • Before delivery, we will provide each customer with an options checklist.