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This Reservation Agreement between you and (we or us), is for your reservation to place an order with us for a WESLL adventure quad Model F900-GS and/or F800-GS. As the vehicles inter production, we will contact you to formally place your order.

1. Reservation

By entering into this Reservation Agreement you are making a reservation to place an order with us. This Agreement does not constitute the sale of any vehicle.

2. Nature of Agreement; Non-Binding Reservation Payment.

The Reservation Payment is fully refundable at any time less processing fees (for example, if you choose to cancel or abandon your reservation, or if we decline to maintain you as a reservation holder). This Agreement does not constitute an agreement for the sale of a WESLL vehicle and does not lock in pricing, a production slot, or an estimated delivery date. You are under no obligation to purchase a WESLL vehicle from us, and we are under no obligation to sell you a vehicle. If and when we notify you that it is time to place your order and you wish to proceed with the purchase of a vehicle, such sale and purchase will be governed by a separate and legally binding Purchase Agreement between you and WESLL LLC or an authorized WESLL dealer.

3. Effective Date; Reservation Process

This Agreement becomes effective when we receive both your: (1) validly executed Reservation Agreement document and (2) Reservation Payment in the amount corresponding to your vehicle choice. Once this Agreement becomes effective, you will be placed on the WESLL reservations list and will receive communications about the WESLL program.

4. Order Process